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The Tunnel

Seasons 2-3


Directed by

Gilles Bannier, Anders Engström

Mike Barker


Stephen Dillane, Clémence Poésy

Production Company

Kudos/Sky Atlantic


Manda Levin, Karen Wilson

Tunnel 2:

A bizarre child abduction and a sabotaged plane inexplicably dropping out of the sky leads to an ever more complex and layered series of horrific revelations for Carl and Elise to unravel.

Tunnel 3:

A burning fishing boat found on the Channel and a sinister animation contain a chilling hidden message turns into a new case for Karl and Elise, while an old investigation takes a shocking turn for Elise when a father is released from prison after his presumed-murdered son is found alive.

"Well made, well cast and ambitiously cinematic." The Independent

' hard you must have worked to deliver the excellent score we now have - with all that complexity of mood, that emotional range from the most intense action, through the lighter, tender moments, the creepiest baroque and the most rooted, psychologically truthful character beats.' Manda Levin, Executive Producer

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