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Ben Bartlett

Ben Bartlett's scores have been heard on innumerable award-winning TV and Film productions, inspiring
The Guardian to write of his score for Lucan "...Bartlett's music has been the crowning glory of this show…."

Recently Ben Bartlett scored the 10-part Sky One
Lucky Man 2, ITV's 6-part The Loch, season 7 of Vera as well as 3-part ITV Trials of Jimmy Rose starring Ray Winston.

His musical output has ranged from the full orchestral sweep and romance of his
BAFTA Winning score for BBC's Walking With Dinosaurs, and the smallest imaginable pointillist sounds of the Ukelele and Solo Voice for Marc Munden's Some Dogs Bite, through to the electronica sound scape for Lucky Man 2.

Wherever on the scale a brief lies, Ben's approach to scoring is to seek, through discussion, the essence of what a film is delivering. In
Mad Dogs (Max Beesley, Phillip Glenister) a huge range of musical positions was required, spanning yet blending a mind-bending range of idioms and moods.

Ben's own piano prowess came to bear on his subtly period score for
Lucan, where a fine balance of empathy and insanity had to be struck. This haunting orchestral score was carefully gauged to create space for performances to breathe without distraction.

His consistent output has been relied upon to produce the emotional heights for every season of ITV's
Vera, expanding his studio with teams when the pressure demands.

And the multi award-winning and critically acclaimed movie
The Mark Of Cain received an RTS nominated score drawing upon an organic approach to music design, inspired by the sand and blood of Basra, and the growing insanity surrounding the central character.

Ben's scores have often offer a reflection of period, spanning the 1950's, 60's and 70's of
He Kills Coppers, a similar epic range in his score for The Runaway, and the vast biographical journey in the feature documentary Kissinger.

Ivor Novello nominated music for Fiona's Story (Gina McGee, Jeremy Northam) employed the exquisite playing of violinist Adonis Alvanis, set against the best string players to be found in London.

However Ben is equally at home with comedy, scoring
Fairy Tales, Absolute Power (Stephen Fry), Secret World Of Michael Fry (Ewen Bremner) and Mutual Friends (Marc Warren) for which he was nominated an RTS Award.